Fraser Calls for Urgency in Tackling the Southern Border Crisis

MINNEAPOLIS — Joe Fraser, the Republican candidate for Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race is calling on the House and Senate to find common ground and quickly tackle the raging crisis at our southern border.

“Every state has become a border state under the management of Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar,” Fraser said in a statement Tuesday. “Sadly, this latest bipartisan measure from the U.S. Senate does not do enough to solve the crisis our country is facing as a result of an open, unchecked southern border. This unmitigated crisis is a security threat, one Minnesotans are too familiar with as we grapple with the knowledge that a known terrorist was allowed to wander our streets. We must quickly find common ground to tackle the cause, not the symptoms of an open borders agenda, and we must do so now.”

Fraser’s statement comes as a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation to confront the border crisis and the funding issues surrounding the ongoing war in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the legislation falls short of addressing the realities of the crisis at our southern border or the threats facing our country as a result.

This past week, The Daily Caller reported that a known terrorist affiliated with the Al-Shabaab terror group was allowed to cross our border and make their way to Minnesota where they roamed for nearly a year before being apprehended. During their time in the country, the terrorist was reportedly involved in arms dealing.

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