ICYMI: Joe Fraser Meets with GOP Voters at Local Precinct Caucuses

In case you missed it, it was caucus night for the Republican Party of Minnesota. Joe Fraser didn’t miss a beat as he traveled to various caucus locations to meet with caucusgoers and potential delegates in the Twin Cities.

The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate spent time in the West Metro and in the Bloomington area introducing himself to the party faithful, and discussing the issues most important to their families. He also noted that his candidacy will be the difference between a Republican victory and Amy Klobuchar’s attempt to seek a fourth term.

Fraser is a 26-year veteran of the United States Navy and a business executive who made the case for a change in Washington. After a failed presidential run laid Klobuchar’s far-left policies open to the people of Minnesota and now seeking an unprecedented fourth term in office, it’s time for change in Minnesota. As a political newcomer, Fraser has made it clear that he’s ready to continue his service to the people of Minnesota in the halls of Congress.

To learn more about Fraser’s fight for Minnesota, check out his website at www.joeforsenate.com.