Amy Klobuchar’s Got a Problem: His Name? Joe Biden

Super Tuesday highlighted a major problem for Amy Klobuchar – and his name is Joe Biden.

Despite being the only viable candidate in the race for president for the Democrats, Joe Biden only received 70 PERCENT of the vote – losing nearly 20 percent to those on the left who voted “uncommitted.”

Biden’s poor performance in the state came after Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin predicted that the Democrat incumbent would walk away with 86 percent of the vote. Even worse, turnout amongst Democrats was significantly smaller than that of the Republican primary.

Overall, it signals a growing enthusiasm problem for Klobuchar, who remains tied to the hip with Biden and is already facing scrutiny over running for an unprecedented fourth term – with polls having her under 50 percent.

The Democrats’ lack of enthusiasm could be the catalyst for a Joe Fraser upset in the U.S. Senate race, propelling a Republican to victory for the first time in nearly two decades.

Bottom Line: From Joe Biden’s inability to energize Minnesota voters to Amy Klobuchar’s hope to seek a fourth term in office sinking her campaign, the environment is right for Joe Fraser to unseat the career Democrat and bring new leadership to Washington.