Joe Fraser Releases Statement on Biden’s State of the Union Address

Joe Fraser, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, released the following statement after Joe Biden gave his third State of the Union address this evening.

“The state of our union is not strong tonight. Over the last four years, Joe Biden, with the enablement of Amy Klobuchar, has ignored peace through strength with a passiveness that encourages weakness.

“Our southern border is overrun with illegal immigrants who rely on the American taxpayer to be their provider, all while Minnesotans struggle paycheck-to-paycheck. We give criminals a free pass while demonizing our police, as our communities feel less safe. Our national debt is a national security crisis just waiting to happen and our children are struggling to get a proper education.”

“The time for change and action is now, but we’ll never get that with Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar continuing their reign of indifference. The state of our union can be strong again, but only if we send a regular Joe to Washington who will shake up the status quo and finally work for the people of Minnesota.”