Joe Fraser Releases Statement on Kamala Harris’ MN Visit

Joe Fraser, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota released the following statement ahead of Kamala Harris’ campaign stop to the North Star State

“After Super Tuesday revealed the lack of enthusiasm for another term of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the Democrats’ attempts at damage control only serves as a growing reminder of the devastating effects Harris’ role as Biden’s Border Czar has had on our state.”

“Illegal immigrants have been dropped off by the busload in our state and threaten to create the same economic and safety crisis we’ve seen in Chicago, New York, and Denver. Historic amounts of fentanyl and other deadly drugs have come across our porous southern border and impacted the lives of so many Minnesota families. Meanwhile, our safety is being compromised as resources for our northern border are shifted to quell the Democrats’ crisis to our south.

“Minnesotans have been abandoned by the Biden-Harris administration and Amy Klobuchar, who has voted in lockstep to support their harmful agenda. It’s time to send a regular Joe to Washington – who will prioritize law-abiding Minnesotans, not those who enter our country illegally.”