Amy Klobuchar Joins Every Senate Democrat Enabling Joe Biden’s Secret Immigration Flights

Democrats may refuse to acknowledge it, but the historic border crisis that has plagued Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden has become Minnesota’s problem. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Tim Walz’s office tried to hide its heavy involvement in planning for a chartered flight of illegal immigrants to St. Cloud. While thankfully it didn’t materialize, that plan’s effects have once again ignited the debate with Amy Klobuchar’s latest vote.

Klobuchar joined every one of her fellow Senate Democrats to kill Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty’s amendment preventing Joe Biden from using taxpayer dollars to fund his secret immigration flights. Joe Fraser, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota released the following statement on Klobuchar’s betrayal of everyday Minnesotans:

“Amy Klobuchar and her fellow Senate Democrats would rather aid and abet Joe Biden’s preferential treatment of illegal immigrants than prevent the flying of potential criminals – or worse – into our backyards,” Fraser said. “We have already seen the potential threats that have crossed over the border Klobuchar and Biden have left wide open – including terrorists who have entered our country illegally and walked our streets.” “

“Minnesota needs someone who puts Minnesotans first, not illegal immigrants,” Fraser continued. “Minnesota needs real leadership, not another enabler of Joe Biden’s terrible record.”

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