ICYMI: Amy Klobuchar Doesn’t Want to Do Her Job

In case you missed it, Amy Klobuchar has made it clear: she doesn’t want to do her job. 

In a recent interview on MSNBC, Minnesota’s senator lambasted conservative-appointed judges for demanding she and the rest of Congress do their jobs, rather than pawning off the responsibility to unelected bureaucrats.

From Breitbart

“Some of these judges that Donald Trump put on or are judges out of his ilk, they actually have said, oh, agencies shouldn’t do that, we should have Congress and the judges make those decisions. You can see where this is rolling if he is allowed to come back and put these judges on.” 

So let’s get this straight: Klobuchar doesn’t want to do her job and doesn’t want anyone else telling her to do her job either? If that’s the case, why run for a fourth term? It’s clear Klobuchar believes she has bigger responsibilities outside of lawmaking – you know, the main function of her job. 

Joe Fraser, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate running to defeat Klobuchar, had a message for the Democrat: if you don’t want to do your job, retire and let someone else serve Minnesota’s best interests. 

“After 18 years in Washington, Amy Klobuchar has forgotten about her responsibilities to the people of Minnesota,” Fraser said in a statement. “Minnesotans deserve a senator who will lead on the big issues like immigration, national security, and our economy, not continue to nitpick at the inner workings of Capitol Hill. If Klobuchar isn’t willing to do her job, she should retire and let someone else serve Minnesota’s best interests.” 

To learn more about Fraser and his fight to continue his service to our state and country in the Senate, check out his website at www.joeforsenate.com