Joe Fraser Condemns Iran’s Dangerous Attack on Israel

MINNEAPOLIS — Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and former Naval Intelligence Officer Joe Fraser condemned the dangerous and escalatory attack on Israel by Iran over the weekend.

Iran’s latest attack on Israel is the latest move of increased activity by one of the world’s biggest aggressors – a sign that years of foreign policy blunders under the Biden administration have emboldened our enemies and made America less safe. Joe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy, enabled by his Democratic handlers in Congress like Amy Klobuchar, has made America look weak on the international stage, led to chaos in the world, and worst of all, has resulted in the senseless deaths of Americans and its allies.

“My prayers remain with the people of Israel as they are once again attacked by Iran and other extremist aggressors in the Middle East. I know firsthand that America’s military is the strongest in the world, and that we must stand by our Israeli partner,” Joe Fraser said in a statement. “Unfortunately, any aid by America is too little, too late as Washington Democrats like Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar continue to string the Jewish people along. On one hand, they claim to support Israel, but on the other hand call for ceasefires against terrorists and willfully undermine a democratically elected government. Their ineptitude created the environment that led to this situation and now they want to dictate the terms of how Israel should fight. It’s this defense and foreign policy weakness that led to the embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan, a horrific war in Ukraine, and an open southern border that welcomes terrorists and criminals with open arms. We cannot lead from a position of feebleness and sadly, that’s all Biden and Klobuchar have demonstrated they are capable of. It’s time to have a voice in the Senate that understands the price of silence and the meaning of service in the defense of this nation and her allies.”

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