Joe Fraser Calls on Amy Klobuchar to Hold Impeachment Trial of Alejandro Mayorkas

MINNEAPOLIS — Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Fraser called on Amy Klobuchar to vote in favor of holding an impeachment trial against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. House Speaker Mike Johnson delivered the articles to the Senate on Tuesday afternoon, which has a constitutional duty to see the impeachment articles taken up for trial.

The impeachment articles against Alejandro Mayorkas come as the borders remain in shambles under his leadership and the watchful eye of Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden. Millions of illegal immigrants have entered the United States since Joe Biden took office and his administration’s antithetical policies have made America less safe. Since Biden took office, Americans have watched in horror as military-aged men from countries like Pakistan and China, terrorists on the FBI watch list, criminals, and gang members have slipped unchecked into the country. Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden have acted as the enablers of short-sighted, leftist policies pushed by career-opportunist politicians like Amy Klobuchar.

“Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed our open borders under the watch of Alejandro Mayorkas. Many of them are unvetted. The flow of illegal immigration has brought drugs into our country, squatters to our properties, terrorists and criminals to our streets, and the brutal murders of Americans in communities across the country,” Joe Fraser said in a statement. “If that’s not bad enough, Minnesota Democrats actively help these illegal immigrants by giving them driver’s licenses and aim to help them avoid deportation, even if they are known to be criminals. The Secretary of Homeland Security is actively turning a blind eye to the rampant crossings at the border and more importantly, our national security; all while Amy Klobuchar gives Alejandro Mayorkas a pass. Amy Klobuchar has a choice to make: vote to take up the impeachment articles, or take the blame for Alejandro Mayorkas’ mismanagement of the Department of Homeland Security.”