ICYMI: Led by Biden, the Dems’ new ‘Squad’ wants Israel gone

MINNEAPOLIS — In case you missed it, candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Fraser joined Minnesota Republican congressional candidate Dalia al-Aqidi in a new opinion piece published in The New York Post highlighting Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, Ilhan Omar, and the new “Squad” members’ push to eliminate the nation of Israel.

In the wake of the horrific October 7th attacks, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi raced to the left to hoist the flag of the anti-Israel “Squad” that appears to be dictating the Democrats’ political agenda.

“In recent months it’s become clear that President Biden no longer supports Israel’s goals of removing the Hamas terrorist group from power and securing the return of all hostages in Gaza. Instead, he now favors a unilateral ceasefire by Israel, which he hopes to further expand for the expressed purpose of creating a Palestinian state,” Fraser and al-Aqidi wrote together. However, it’s not just Biden who has changed his tune. It’s Minnesota’s senators as well.

A few weeks ago, Amy Klobuchar joined Tina Smith and 17 other senators in a leftist letter calling on the Biden administration to recognize a “Palestinian state” in an appeasement attempt aiming to satiate the ravenous socialists running their party as Joe Biden struggles in his re-election campaign against Donald Trump.

“This trajectory, where the once fringe views of the left are becoming increasingly mainstream in the Democrat Party, is unmistakable. Their new initiation rite appears to be wire-brushing Israel in public as a nod to their ever-growing and restive base of anti-Israel and antisemitic voters,” Joe Fraser and Dalia al-Aqidi continued on in their op-ed.

Sadly, Amy Klobuchar’s decision to put the far-left wing of her party ahead of allies and the American public that wants to see Israel protected from the ongoing attacks by terrorists should scare Minnesota voters. It’s time to elect a regular Joe with the experience to stand up to terrorism, support our allies, and put Minnesota families first.


To learn more about Fraser and his fight to continue his service to our state and country in the Senate, check out his website at www.joeforsenate.com.