More Crickets From Amy Klobuchar Amid Pro-Hamas Protests at U of M

MINNEAPOLIS — In case you missed it, the pro-Hamas protests that made headlines at Columbia University have made their way to Minnesota. This week, police were forced to clear out a pro-Hamas demonstration that was headlined by the Minnesota Democrats’ favorite anti-Semite, Ilhan Omar. 

So where was Minnesota’s senior senator? Was she throwing staplers, finding new salad forks, or even sipping a latte? We’re not exactly sure, but here’s one thing we DO KNOW: Amy Klobuchar was NOT condemning the pro-Hamas movement that has taken over her state’s top university. Here’s what we ALSO KNOW: Instead of addressing and condemning (or even just acknowledging) the fact that there are college students pledging their support for Hamas, what was she more concerned about? That’s right, you guessed it! Abortion! 

It’s especially concerning when you realize that state and federal authorities have acknowledged a rise in recruitment by terrorist organizations targeting Minnesota’s young people during the 2010’s and a known terrorist was caught roaming our streets less than four months ago. 

Klobuchar may not see a problem here, but Minnesota GOP senate candidate Joe Fraser does. A retired naval intelligence officer, Fraser sees the radicalization of our universities as the threat that they are – not only to American foreign policy, but also safety here in Minnesota. 

“Long gone are the days when our nation took ‘see something, say something’ to heart,” Fraser said in a statement. “We now live in a country where those who didn’t live or experience the devastation of September 11th are now being radicalized by the very terrorists who chant ‘death to Israel’ and ‘death to America.’ Unfortunately, we have Democrats who, like Ilhan Omar, encourage them with physical actions of support or like Amy Klobuchar, say nothing to win an election. It’s a sign of how far our country has come – and why the 2024 election is so important. We need leaders who aren’t scared to stand up to anti-Semites or terrorist sympathizers. I spent 26 years in the U.S. Navy doing just that and I’ll do the same if Minnestoans send me to Washington.”