Fraser Calls on Klobuchar to Push for Votes on Twin Metals in Senate

MINNEAPOLIS — On Tuesday, the House passed legislation sponsored by Congressman Pete Stauber that would restore mineral leasing rights to Twin Metals, after Joe Biden revoked the permits to one of the largest industries in the North Shore in a bid to appease environmentalists.

In January 2022, Biden and the Interior Department caved to radical environmentalism and canceled leases that would have created jobs and propelled northern Minnesota as a global leader in precious metals production. Instead, the Biden administration would prefer to have those metals brought in from countries like China.

In response to this, Joe Fraser, candidate for the U.S. Senate, is urging Klobuchar to call on Chuck Schumer to bring this vote to the floor in the U.S. Senate.

“Amy Klobuchar has spent 18 years sitting on the sidelines as the way of life in northern Minnesota has dwindled and families have been hurt by the radical environmental policies championed by Joe Biden and the far left,” Fraser said in a statement. “The time to eschew our adversaries and embrace American-made and mined is now. I’m calling on Klobuchar to do the right thing and urge Chuck Schumer to bring this bill to the floor.”

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