ICYMI: Minnesota Is In Play!

MINNEAPOLIS — In case you missed it, internal polling from the Trump campaign is reinforcing what we already know: Minnesota is in PLAY!

According to a report by NBC News, the Trump campaign touted their ability to expand the map in Minnesota during the 2024 cycle during an RNC Donor Retreat over the weekend, with Chris LaCivita, a senior advisor to the former president touting in a follow-up interview, “But we have a real, real opportunity in expanding the map in Virginia and Minnesota.”

The polling reinforces what we already know: That 2024 is a change election. With local polling from KSTP having President Trump within the margin of error of Joe Biden, and Amy Klobuchar hovering around the 50 percent mark, Joe Fraser knows the race for the senate and the presidency could be decided right here in the land of 10,000 lakes.

We already saw what happened when you pit an unpopular candidate against Donald Trump in 2016, with Hillary Clinton scraping together a victory with just 44,000 votes. How many votes do you think an even MORE UNPOPULAR BIDEN will get in Minnesota with this economy and border crisis?

In a statement released Monday, Fraser said of the news, “Despite the blue hold Democrats think they have on the land of 10,000 lakes, the reality is that Minnesota is much more purple and in play in 2024. We have seen the effects lawlessness has had on our communities, the ongoing consequences of an unchecked, open border, and the tax-and-spend agenda that has crushed Minnesota families. Abandoned by Democrats’, Minnesotans are ready to say goodbye to do-nothing, career politicians like Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar – and I’m ready to serve our state as their next U.S. Senator.”

To learn more about Fraser and his fight to continue his service to our state and country in the Senate, check out his website at www.joeforsenate.com.