Joe Fraser Responds to DFL Endorsement of Klobuchar

MINNEAPOLIS — On Friday evening, Joe Fraser, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate released the following statement in response to the Minnesota DFL endorsing Senator Amy Klobuchar for an unprecedented fourth term during their state convention in Duluth this weekend.

In the statement, Fraser highlighted the consequences of a Klobuchar fourth term and the importance the 2024 election has on ending that streak for good.

“After standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the MN DFL as they move further to the left, it’s no surprise Amy Klobuchar has received their endorsement,” Fraser said in a statement. “In the 18 years Klobuchar has been in office, we have watched as she further abandons our families, our values, and our state in favor of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats’ failed agenda. I am the only candidate in this race committed to defeating Klobuchar and getting our state back on track. In 2024, we have the opportunity to reject career politicians by retiring Biden, sending Klobuchar to the unemployment line, and taking back the Senate – and we’ll do just that when I win the primary in August.”

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