ICYMI: Joe Fraser’s One-on-One Interview with KSTP

MINNEAPOLIS — In case you missed it, Republican Senate candidate Joe Fraser joined KSTP’s Tom Hauser over the weekend for a one-on-one interview as he continues his run to unseat Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar.

As Minnesotans search for a choice away from Amy Klobuchar, Joe Fraser is primed to give the people of our great state a route away from the leftist policies killing our economy, leaving our borders open, and making life harder for Minnesotans everywhere.

In the interview, Fraser highlighted the need for Minnesotans to have a choice, noting that the GOP-endorsed candidate might have never received the endorsement if they knew the full extent of his past. “I do not believe from the delegates that we spoke that they had any idea of his past,” Joe Fraser said in the interview.

Fraser touched on White’s claims that Minnesota GOP delegates knew about his controversial past including allegations of domestic abuse, burning campaign cash on strip clubs, and leading Black Lives Matter protests as riots devastated our communities.

During the interview, Fraser also spoke about Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar’s weakness on the global stage, basing his experiences from his 26 years of service in the Navy.

“Forever war’s a great bumper sticker to sell an issue that you do not understand, and in my case, I’ve worked with NATO, I understand our European allies, I’ve worked in the Middle East, I’ve worked with the Israelis throughout my career in the United States military,” 
Fraser said during the interview. “And I’ll tell you that what we’re fighting now is a conflict of ideology that is centuries in the making. And for us to walk away from our partnerships and democratic partners, not only in the Middle East but in Eastern Europe, sends a message to China and other threats around the globe that democracies are weak, that the United States will not stand behind its own word and hold true to protecting innocent, democratically-elected leaders and their people.”

You can watch Joe Fraser’s interview with KSTP here.